Gianfranco Bernabei was born in Rome in 1941.
After specializing in Theatre Techniques in London,
he worked in show business and theatre from 1965 to 1971,
as a technical and organizational manager.


From 1973 to 1984 he produced:
· 36 programmes of 30 minutes each, filmed in Italy, Africa and India
· The movie “Sfida sul fondo” (Challenge in the Deep) (executive producer)
· Enzo Maiorca’s diving records (1972-1987) for which he holds exclusive rights.
· “Il castello di rete” (A Castle of Nets) in 1986– Bernabei’s is the only film crew  recording footage of tunas inside the so-called  death chamber
·  Approximately 160 reports and current affairs items for the three RAI channels

From 1984 to 1991 he produced and directed 16 hours of programmes which were shot throughout the world, both under and above water:
· “Captain Cook” 6 x  50 minutes
· “Oceanopolis” 5 x 50 minutes
· “Pacific” 5 x 50 minutes

· In 1993, he produced and directed the movie “Under the Southern Cross ”, filmed entirely in the Maldive Islands.
· In 1997, he created, in collaboration with Rai International, a 60 minute documentary film entitled “I Caboto e il Nuovo Mondo” (The Cabots and the New World”.
· In 1997/1998 “ Red Sea” a project  presented by Enzo Maiorca, consisting of 6 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes, with underwater images, about Biblical landscapes, places of prayer and meditation, shipwrecks, true stories, natural history and  geology.
· In 1999, he directed a  new 23 episode programme titled “Across the World” in which  various places around  the world are shown from a natural, historical and human point of view.

· In 2005, he was co-author and director of the play “Benvenuta provvidenza” (Welcome, Providence) which opened on January 20th 2006 at the Metropolitan Theatre of Catania.

· In 2006/2007,  he produced and directed 3 documentaries for RAI Tre Geo&Geo, shot entirely in New Caledonia

· 2007 - production of the film: “Il volto di mia madre” (My Mother’s Face) - provisional title -  directed by Gian Paolo Cugno


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